Welcome to Partners in Pharmacy!

Published: November 22, 2018

Dr. Kimberly J. Metcalf


It is with great pleasure that we at Partners in Pharmacy welcome you to our website, and to this inaugural news post.

You are half of our namesake! While this may be an unusual approach to identifying a business, it expresses in clear terms that collaboration is at the core of what we do. We exist to help your organization run better at all levels, by sharing the wealth of industry experience we offer.

Our website is designed to maximize our accessibility to you. Whether you need rapid research on drug temperature excursion data or guidance with pharmaceutical compounding or hazardous drug risk assessment, the Data Reference section of the site is available 24-7-365, and is being regularly expanded by our staff. Please feel free to explore, and share any questions you may have.

But our greatest strength lies in our fully-customizable Consulting and Pharmacy Management services. Our staff cover a broad spectrum of pharmacy, technology, regulatory/compliance, and business topics. With our depth of experience, we will work directly with your team to lay out a clear path to your goals, and provide the guidance needed to execute at each step.

We want you to feel welcome here. In the News section, we will be posting both articles and staff columns that will shed light on our industry. “What is a pharmaceutical temperature excursion?” is just one of the topics we will be covering, complete with downloadable reference material. Keeping this section collaborative in nature, please do contact us with any topics/ideas that interest you… we all should benefit!

With that, we would like to express our gratitude for your visit today. Our website is just the front door to connecting with our talent, experience, and industry acumen, FOR YOU, OUR PARTNERS IN PHARMACY. Come on in.

Dr. Kimberly J. Metcalf