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We understand the operational value of your pharmacists’ availability, and that staff efficiency is directly connected to your pharmacy’s operating costs. Partners In Pharmacy has developed custom databases to “find” them more time: quickly identify drug safety concerns, minimize product losses, and download corroborating documentation.

  • Drug Temperature Excursion

    Our Drug Temperature Excursion database will allow your team to identify on a drug-by-drug basis the efficacy impact during the breakage of cold-chain storage.  Quickly determine the potential impact of an “environmental anomaly”, to help you build your action plan.

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  • Pharmaceutical Compounding
    (USP 795)

    Our Pharmaceutical Compounding database will allow your team to reference, replicate, and formulate commonly-used extemporaneous formulations that are USP 795- and 797-compliant, for various patient populations such as pediatrics, geriatrics, and special-needs.

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  • Hazardous Drug Risk Assessment
    (USP 800)

    Our Hazardous Drug Risk Assessment database will allow your team to customize your hazardous drug handling procedures, specific to your organization.  Utilize this database to individually look up drugs on your formulary.  Includes commonly-prescribed hazardous pharmaceuticals, and their recommended storage and handling guidelines.

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Flexible access for administrators and staff

As a subscriber to Partners in Pharmacy’s online data reference tools, some of the benefits you receive include:

  • 24-Hour access to the databases you are subscribed to.
  • For security and tracking reasons, we offer the ability to provide individualized credentials to specific members of your staff. Your designated account administrator will be able to manage staff access to the databases.
  • Staff can quickly target information of value with fully-customizable search inquiries.
  • Retrieved records may be viewed online, and/or printed or downloaded as detailed reports, inclusive of cited reference materials.

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