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Below are some common questions about our products and services. Please feel free to Contact Us with additional questions or if you would like more information. We offer customized services and scaled products.


What is Partners in Pharmacy?

Partners in Pharmacy is an evolving suite of customized products and services, directed at institutional and ambulatory pharmacies. Please feel free to learn more: About Us.

How is your business structured?

Our products and services are intentionally modular: you choose how we can best serve your interests. Partners in Pharmacy’s combination of data reference products, consulting services, and pharmacy management services can be leveraged by your organization in any combination. Some products are subscription-based, others are flat fee-based, tailored to your specific needs.

How do I use your data reference products?

In the case of our data-reference products, access to the online databases is provided via account-based credentials. For security and tracking reasons, we offer the ability to provide individualized credentials to specific members of your staff. Your designated account administrator will be able to manage staff access to the databases. Staff can quickly target information of value with fully-customizable search inquiries. Retrieved records may be viewed online, and/or printed or downloaded as detailed reports, inclusive of cited reference materials.

How easy is it to use your online products?

Very easy. At its core, Partners in Pharmacy has decades of experience with pharmacy drug research and workflow. We understand that staff efficiency is directly connected to your pharmacy’s operating costs. Streamlining your drug research tasks is just one way we get you on your way, quickly, every time.

What can I expect from your consulting and pharmacy management services?

In a nutshell, we scale and tailor these services to meet your needs. Please reference our Consulting and Pharmacy Management pages for the breadth of our offerings. A collaborative approach is a given: please Contact Us to start the conversation.

How does my organization provide payment for services?

In the case of our self-service data-reference products, we offer easy-to-use on-line payment through our e-commerce system. To better serve our institutional customers, we can produce detailed invoices/documentation and work directly with your purchasing department.

How does my organization secure customized services for our needs?

It is a tiered process, simple and logical.

  • Initial inquiry and assessment via our contact form.
  • A brief one-on-one discussion of your needs and challenges.
  • An evaluative meeting with your leadership team and stakeholders.
  • We develop a custom-tailored proposal that may consist of any combination of services.