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With our superior project management skills and resources, and granular understanding of pharmacy management, Partners in Pharmacy can provide solutions for hospitals and other healthcare organizations to address their pharmacy-related operational, technological, and regulatory challenges. If you are implementing and managing a large IT project, launching a new pharmacy division or location, expanding or overhauling a pharmacy, or need to cover gaps in management, contact Partners in Pharmacy to find out how we may be of service to you.

Pharmacy Project Management

Partners in Pharmacy provides outstanding project management oversight for large IT projects. Designing, implementing and managing large IT projects is critical for maintaining timelines, quality, cost and safety, and are major initiatives that impact patient care throughout the hospital.

Pharmacy Leadership Bridge Solutions

Bridging leadership in pharmacy management allows companies to have a lean, highly-focused team.  Utilizing a bridge pharmacy leadership solution enables your organization to hit the ground running, identify problems, and generate solutions quickly.

Pharmacy bridge leadership is often a cost-effective resource for managing projects such as:

  • Pharmacy performance improvement
  • Expanding, redesigning, or a complete overhaul of a pharmacy
  • Covering medium-term sickness or maternity
  • Supplying specialist or technical knowledge not available from within the company
  • Driving new initiatives, such as strategic planning or total quality management
  • Regulatory compliance deficiency corrective action plan management

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